Modern Kitchen

Our sleek modern kitchens integrate sculptural shapes, clean lines and shiny finishes. Modern kitchens have a distinctly architectural feel. But despite its cutting-edge appearance, it’s designed with informal living in mind. Whether you’re entertaining friends at home or relaxing with your family, it’s a pleasure to spend time in a thoughtfully designed space.

The best design balances minimalist ideals with the practicalities of a multi-functional space. Clutter is banished behind glossy doors or hidden in deep storage drawers so it doesn’t disturb the pared-back effect, and a clever combination of materials, from stone and wood to stainless steel ensures the look is sharp rather than stark.

Show your Personality

BioGraphy cleverly captures the heritage and character of an industrial setting, while drawing on features of a contemporary space.

For urban spaces and more masculine environments, create a kitchen that suits a busy, on-the-golifestyle whether you are working, grabbing a quick bite or socialising with friends.

There are no Rules

The first rule of BioGraphy is that there are no rules. We give you the flexibility to make a dynamic, personal statement with a kitchen that’s functional, expressive and echoes the energy of a busy, family home.

An eclectic mix of materials and finishes sit easily in the heart of your home for integrated modern living in a warm and welcoming space, combining enduring twists of tradition with practical solutions for a faster pace of life.


Tomba is a handleless kitchen that is sleek and strong on perspective. The stylish aluminium rail is so easy to get your fingers over for effortless opening of cabinets, whilst adding a striking visual
aesthetic to the kitchen. The slow curved door profile allows for an extra premium feel.

Choose from our palette of 20 colours in either matt or gloss to fully customize your look.


This soft shade of grey creates a calming but contemporary feel to suit every setting. The subtle Silver Grey pairs well with other finishes – as shown here with Broadoak Rye.

A feature of this kitchen layout includes an integrated breakfast table that creates a social role to the kitchen whilst making the most of the space.


Shown in white, this double galley kitchen offers plenty of options for preparation, dining and storage space. Experiment with height and depths of worktops to give the room interest.